Profile picture of Rachel Hong

I am a second-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Washington, where I am incredibly fortunate to be working with Professors Jamie Morgenstern and Tadayoshi Kohno on topics related to algorithmic fairness in machine learning. My research broadly focuses on how algorithmic systems purposefully or unintentionally harm specific populations and how we can build guarantees around such disproportionate harms. I am very excited to be learning about ML, security, and technology policy through my work!

Before joining UW, I worked as an engineer at TeachFX, a startup that uses voice AI to help teachers reflect on their practice. My undergraduate degree was in Computer Science at Harvard University, where I had the amazing opportunity to work on a fairness-related project with Professors Cynthia Dwork and Pragya Sur.

Outside of research, I am passionate about teaching, diversity advocacy initiatives, and the history of technology. In my free time, I enjoy playing pick-up soccer, indulging in detective comedies of any medium, and attempting chess puzzles.